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Statement earrings are everything they promise. They are bold, they are daring, and they definitely make a statement. It doesn’t matter what outfit you wear for the day or how much make up you have, your statement earrings will get all the attention you desire and more!

Statement earrings do more than just play up your outfits. They give people an insight to your personality. Statement earrings really tell a lot about who you are. The bolder, the brighter, the more confident you are as a person. Statement earrings that are total works of art show that you have a creative side to your personality. Let’s explore statement earrings that you can afford in detail!

Gold Statement Earrings

Leaf Statement Earrings
Dangle Leaf Earrings in Gold and Silver

These beautiful dangle leaf earrings that come in gold and silver are elegant, as much as they are bold. They can be worn to celebrations of all kinds, and also match a pair of jeans a white T-shirt beautifully.

The design is that of leaves, with the smaller leaf against the ear lobe supporting a bigger leaf that dangles. They are simply stunning.

Tassel Statement Earrings

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Long Gold Tassel Statement Earrings

If there ever were earrings that could make a bold statement these are it! They shout attitude and are sassy and sexy. They are 31 cm in length and hook behind the ear. They are great for wearing to nightclubs or even if you are up on stage performing!

Hoop Statement Earrings

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Hoop Heart Charm Statement Earrings

These gold hoop heart charm statement earrings and soft, and beautiful. They are the perfect earring to wear when you are in a loving mood. They are perfect to wear on a sunny day out to the beach or when picnicking with your boyfriend.

Red Statement Earrings

Red Flower Statement Earrings in Gold & Red

These red and gold flower statement earrings are simply magnificent and elegant. They give the appearance that red petals of a rose are falling from your ear. They are very feminine and look great with all primary colors (red, yellow, blue, black & white) and will look good against its complimenting color – green, as well.

Black Statement Earrings

Black Statement Dangle Earrings with Faux Diamonds

These black dangle statement earrings are for the diva in you! They dangle and there are 2 black discs surrounded by fake diamonds that glitter and shine. These are not for every day use, but rather for special events that require lots of fun and dancing to be had!

Green Statement Earrings

Green Statement Earrings in Gold & Green

These green statement earrings are for that tender and feminine part of you that just wants to show off class and elegance.

These earrings are actually perfect to wear in the office and can be matched with any suits well. They are also perfect to wear over the weekend with summer dresses.

Statement Stud Earrings

Red & Gold Heart Statement Stud Earrings

These red and gold heart statement stud earrings are perfect when you want to attract love or explore that dimension of your personality. They are big and bold and have a regal edge to them, as they are surrounded in gold.

White Statement Earrings

White & Gold Pearl Statement Earrings

These white and gold pearl statement earrings demand attention. They are elegant as much as they are bold – and they definitely are bold!

They are the perfect earrings to accompany any ballgown to any star-studded event. They are designed to make an impact and when you wear them, they certainly will!

Large Statement Earrings

Large Red & Gold Tassel Statement Earrings

You certainly have to have quite the personality to pull off these large red and gold tassel statement earrings.

They are for the diva in you who has a lot of spunk. They scream attitude and they also tell the world how confident you are and that you deserve to be treated like a queen. These will look stunning against any svelte dresses or even a tight pair of jeans and a solid-colored top!

Bridal Statement Earrings

Crystal Rhinestone Bridal Statement Earrings

It’s your big day and you need to look the best you have ever looked. No matter what, these crystal rhinestone bridal statement earrings will take yours and your husband-to-be’s breath away.

They are timeless and elegant and will suit all wedding gowns. They will look particularly good with hairstyles where you hair is swept off the face, allowing maximum exposure.

Turquoise Statement Earrings

Turquoise Bohemian Antique Silver Dangle Earrings

These are turquoise bohemian antique silver dangle earrings with an ethnic feel. Although they are bohemian, they exceptionally elegant and can be worn with the most beautiful of dresses. They suit a pair of jeans well too.

They are great for wearing to art exhibitions, music and cultural events, as well as the theater. They are an absolute treasure!

Silver Statement Earrings

Silver Vintage Statement Earrings

These are silver vintage statement earrings with an intricate design. They are bold, yet strangely tender, and are great to wear during class at college, going out to movies, spending time with friends or your boyfriend – they can be worn with anything!

Rose Gold Statement Earrings

Star Statement Earrings in Rose Gold

You are funky and you have a lot to say to the world! These statement earrings are not only designed to be noticed but they come in a color of gold you don’t always see – rose gold. They suit young and old – especially young, and wearing them shows you have a lot to say to the world.

They are perfect to wear to night clubs and when out with the girls!

Clip On Statement Earrings

Fashion Statement Geometric-Design Clip on Earrings

Don’t have holes in your ears but you still want to wear earrings that make a bold fashion statement? We got you! These gorgeous fashion statement geometric design clip on earrings are just what you are looking for and their clip-on function allow s you to put them on and take them off with ease.

Crystal Statement Earrings

Crystal Statement Earrings

These crystal statement earrings are long and beautiful. They are very elegant and convey a different message according to whatever you are wearing. They suit elegant events well and are perfectly paired with pastel-colored outfits.

Statement Drop Earrings

Statement Drop Earrings in Gold

These statement drop earrings in gold are perfect to wear in any executive board room meetings. They suit the office and show off your vibrant and confident personality. They are also perfect for dates and pair with little black dresses and heels well.

Pearl Statement Earrings

Pearl Statement Earrings

Pearls have always been an elegant choice of jewelry. These pearl statement earrings have a beautiful, curved design with pearls cascading along the edges of the bold gold design. A must have for any jewelry collector!

Pink Statement Earrings

Pink Leaf Statement Earrings

These pink leaf statement earrings are very elegant, soft and feminine. Perfectly pink, they dangle gently and are great to wear with clothes of a lighter hue. They are perfect earrings for spring and summer!

Colorful Statement Earrings

Colorful Pineapple Statement Metal Earrings

Va-va-voom! These are the earrings for you if you want to light up any event you attend! Perfect for parties, both day and night, they have a “coco cabana” feel and if you want to go dance to sexy Caribbean music, just slip these babies on!

They are colorful, look like pineapples, and the stones are encased in metal.

Navy Statement Earrings

Gold & Navy Nature Statement Earrings

These gold and navy nature statement earrings are the type of earrings you slip on when going on romantic dates, out at night, to 5 star restaurants.

The navy is encased in gold with a fake diamond holding the leaves of the earring together.

Blue Statement Earrings

Blue Rhinestone Statement Earrings

These blue rhinestone statement earrings certainly pack a punch! They come in royal blue with light blue stones among it as well as fake diamonds. They look superb with denim and are also perfect to wear out at night.

Orange Statement Earrings

Wooden Orange Statement Earrings

These orange wooden statement earrings are something different and has an edge. They really are beautiful and stand out.

They are meant for daytime wear when out shopping or with friends. They also look good at night. These kinds of tops look especially good with strapless tops and with a bikini at the beach.

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