19+ Bear Earrings to wear as Symbol of Love and Affection

Although bears seem to be cute and adorable in an animated form, in reality, they are very powerful and ferocious animals. The spirit animal bear symbolizes courage, power, and authority. Teddy bears have also been used to symbolize love and affection for others. That’s why they are often given as toy gifts to loved ones. Bears have also been employed in jewelry making for a long time. Bear earrings are one of the most adorable, fancy and trendy pieces out there.

We have found you some of the most gorgeous bear earrings. They are super cute and will bring out the fun and playful kid in you while at the same time symbolizing strength and courage. Have a look at these beautiful pairs.

1. A set of colorful bear earrings that will immediately put you in a very fun and playful mood

colorful bear earrings

Just look how adorable is this pair of colorful earrings. They are available in 4 different colors which you can mix and match for a fun look. They are super cute and can be worn by teenage girls or young adults who like to showcase their inner cute nature.

2. A pair of silver bear earrings to give a fancy touch to your charming and cute self

silver bear earrings

Who said bears can’t look fancy? These silver earrings do make them look super fancy and stylish. Just look how beautiful they look. You can wear them for both casual as well as occasional outfits to give a touch of style and embellish your looks.

3. A pair of zircon bear earrings that will make you shine bright like a diamond

zircon bear earrings

Do you want to shine bright while looking cute at the same time? Then these earrings are surely for you. They feature a zircon studded bear which can impart a really nice shine to your outfit while at the same time symbolizing the cute and charming side of your nature.

4. A pair of bear dangle earrings to look stylish and captivating at any special event

Bear dangle earrings

Everyone likes to rock their look at a special event or formal occasion. You can do that by wearing these dangle earrings to your next special occasion. They feature an asymmetric pair with a rhinestone-studded bear on one side and a dangling chain with hearts and pearls on the other side. Aren’t they super gorgeous?

5. A set of gummy bear earrings in so many colors you’ll want to buy all of them

Gummy bears? Aren’t they yummy? But they also look yummy when worn as good quality earrings. That’s what we have brought for you. These earrings are available in so many colors to choose from. You can buy the ones you love and mix and match to create new colorful looks each time.

6. A pair of long bear earrings for a very extravagant and stylish look

long bear earrings

These long earrings are what you need to add an extra touch to your amazing jewelry collection. They are super trendy and stylish. Moreover, they are available in gold, silver and rose gold colors. You can select whichever you like to create a super chic look.

7. A pair of adorable bear studs to gift your daughter so she can look trendy from a very young age

Every woman wants to see her daughter look beautiful and adorable in her own way. You can do that by gifting her these adorable bear studs. They are super cute yet look stylish at the same time. We bet they will boost your girl’s morale to be more trendy from a very young age.

8. A set of balloon bear earrings so adorable you won’t resist buying them

balloon bear earrings

Oh! Just look how cute are these balloon earrings. They are super captivating and charming. We bet you won’t be able to resist buying them once you lay your eyes on these charmers. Wearing them will truly add a very lively and delightful touch to your casual looks.

9. A pair of bear charm earrings that can make any dull outfit look attractive

These charm earrings with a shiny star and a dangling bear look super stylish and appealing. You need them now to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday plain outfits. So what are you waiting for? Buy these now to take your casual looks to new heights of fanciness.

10. A pair of mismatched bear stud earrings that will make anybody fall in love with your looks

bear stud earrings

A bear and a heart? Two of the most favorite things of women. These mismatched earrings feature a bear on one side and a heart on the other. Both things bring out the loving nature in you. They will undoubtedly make you look super stylish, charming, and elegant all at the same time.

11. A pair of bear chain earrings for the most trendy and stylish girls out there

bear chain earrings

Do you want to look fashion-forward and trendy? Then what are you waiting for? Buy these bear chain earrings now! They are so stylish and comply with the latest trend of mismatched earrings. You really need to add this piece to your amazing jewelry collection.

12. A pair of bear heart earrings so pretty you’ll never want to take them off

bear heart earrings

Aren’t these earrings super cute? The bear and the heart are two things that fit like a hand in a glove. They truly symbolize love and affection. You need to wear these to the next date night if you really want to make your man fall in love with your looks and style.

13. A pair of steel bear earrings that will be a statement addition to your earring collection

steel bear earrings

These steel earrings in the shape of a bear look like a statement piece of jewelry. They can add a very minimal and sophisticated touch to your outfit. Wear them with casual day-to-day outfits. We bet you will be bagging so many compliments.

14. A pair of bear drop earrings you need to achieve a charming look this season

These super cute earrings feature a rhinestone-studded bear in black color. Though black may seem to be a dark color but bears always symbolize love and charm. You really need this pair to look more stylish and trendy. They can go with almost all types of outfits in all kinds of seasons.

15. A pair of minimalist bear earrings so pretty you’ll want to wear them all day every day

minimalist bear earrings

These minimalist earrings in gold and silver color are what we’re rooting for this time. They look so chic with their simple design yet will have a huge impact on any outfit. You can fearlessly wear them with a plain white shirt and look super sleek, and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

16. A pair of rhinestone bear earrings for a sexy look you need for your special date night

rhinestone bear earrings

Every girl wants to look sexy on her date night. These earrings are sure to do that. The colorful rhinestones really add to the beauty of any outfit. Wear them to your next date night and watch your man drooling over your sexy looks.

17. A pair of crystal bear earrings so extra you won’t resist getting your hands on them

A crystal bear? Oh yes! These earrings surely look like they came out of a fairytale because we think only there you can find crystal bears. It is truly an extraordinary piece of jewelry you need to add to your collection now. You can wear them on any occasion and we bet you’re going to look the best out of all the girls out there.

18. A pair of gold bear earrings that will give all the extra shine and bling you need for a classy look

These beautiful gold earrings are a must-have for a trendy and classy outfit of the day. They can literally go with almost any outfit. You can style them in so many ways with different hairdos and different dresses while creating new looks each time.

19. A pair of bear pin earrings essential for a trendy girl’s jewelry collection

This pair of pin earrings is really an extraordinary one. We bet you haven’t seen a piece like this before. It is super chic and classy. Truly, a must-have for you if you like to make valuable additions to your jewelry collection. So buy them now!


To conclude, we would say that bear earrings are one of the most trendy pieces of jewelry you can find on the internet. They not only look super cute and stylish but also symbolize the most powerful emotions of love, affection, and courage. So buy these pairs now to boost your spirit as well as you jewelry collection.

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