16+ Bow Earrings That Look Like Every Girl’s Dream

Bows are every girl’s favorite thing. Girls and women love everything related to bows or anything made out of them. Whether it be jewelry or accessories, bows are very commonly incorporated in the manufacturing of these items to enhance their beauty and make them look girlish. Bow earrings are one of the most common jewelry items made of bows. They look super cute and stylish and embellish a woman’s looks.

Here, we have you some beautiful and trendy bow earrings for a variety of events and occasions which you can mix and match to create new looks each day. We bet you won’t resist buying them once you lay your eyes on these charmers.

1. A pair of large bow earrings so extra they’ll need a dedicated spot on your vanity

If you are someone who likes to wear extravagant jewelry then these earrings are surely for you. They feature two large bows, each with a big crystal at the center. We bet people are going to stop and ask you where you got these sparklers once you wear them and go out in public. So why not buy them now and upgrade your accessory game?

2. A pair of bow huggie earrings so cute you’ll hear people saying “aww!” when you wear them

bow huggie earrings

These small and beautiful huggie earrings are suitable for women of all ages. Elder women can wear them for a casual look while young girls can wear them on special events to look more sophisticated and put-together. You can choose them in either silver or gold color whichever suits your liking and wear them to look trendy.

3. A pair of bow dangle earrings for a touch of glam and sparkle to your outfit

These earrings are so versatile and stylish that you’ll start planning your outfits around them just when you lay your eyes on these sparklers. They feature a very unique design in gold, white and pearl details which you wear on fancy events to look super trendy and stylish.

4. A pair of silver bow stud earrings you will never regret buying thanks to their everlasting look

Who doesn’t love a pair of simple bow studs in their collection? Aren’t they just gorgeous? You can undoubtedly wear them on any and every event. There’s no need to worry about changing them frequently as they can go with every outfit. We bet you won’t regret buying them.

5. A pair of gold bow earrings so chic you’ll never want to take them off

gold bow earrings

Who wouldn’t love these beautiful and stylish gold earrings? They feature a simple metallic bow that looks really trendy and sleek. You can wear them with almost any outfit without ever feeling out of the way or awkward. They are a really good choice to add to your casual jewelry collection.

6. A pair of fabric bow earrings so eye-catching you may have strangers topping you on the street to ask where you bought them from

fabric bow earrings

Oh! Just look at how beautiful these earrings are. They are surely for the most trendy girls out there. Aren’t they just gorgeous? We bet all eyes are going to be on you when you wear these charmers and go to your next event. Don’t forget to take an extra bag to carry all those compliments.

7. A pair of bow tassel earrings that are undoubtedly as beautiful as you are

We bet you’re gonna go all out once you set your eyes on these sparklers. They are super gorgeous and stylish. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair like this. They can take any dull outfit to a new level of fanciness and style. So why not buy them now and make your fashion game up-to-date with the latest trends?

8. A pair of bow drop earrings you need to look sexy on your next date

bow drop earrings

Who doesn’t want to look sexy on a date? Everyone does. So, all you need to do is buy these fancy drop earrings. They are going to make you look absolutely beautiful and very trendy. We bet your man is going to drool over your looks and wonder when he can lay his hands on you.

9. A pair of black bow earrings in such a stylish design we bet you can’t find them anywhere else

Just look at how unique and versatile are these black bow earrings. Aren’t they beautiful? They have such a stylish design that every outfit will look good with them. You can wear them on events like a lunch date, dinner date or birthday party and look super trendy.

10. A pair of bow heart earrings you’ll love so much you’ll want to wear them all day every day

bow heart earrings

These heart earrings with a bow may look small but will have a huge impact on an outfit. You can wear them easily with all kinds of hairstyles and dresses keeping in mind their color. They are a super gorgeous pair that will attract attention when you wear it in public.

11. A pair of lace bow earrings so lightweight, you won’t even realize you’re wearing such big earrings

These lace earrings look so big yet they weigh so small. You won’t even feel like there’s any weight on your ears. Yet they may have a huge impact on your whole outfit. You can undoubtedly wear them with a plain outfit and simple makeup so that all eyes are on these sparklers.

12. A pair of crystal bow earrings whose shine is truly blinding

Look at the shine of these gorgeous crystal earrings. We’re sure you will light up the whole room just when you wear them. They can literally boost any simple and minimal outfit to new heights of fanciness and luxury. So why not buy them now and shine bright like a diamond?

13. A pair of long bow earrings for when you want to add a really extravagant touch to your OOTD

long bow earrings

We’re sure you haven’t seen a beautiful pair like this ever before. It’s so extra we bet you’ll need to find a special place for it in your vanity. The pair is available in tow colors to choose from which you can select as per your liking. So buy them now to be a little extra in your styling.

14. A pair of bow stud earrings you can throw on with jeans and a basic t-shirt and have a cute, put-together look with minimal effort

bow stud earrings

Everybody loves a pair of basic stud earrings with a little touch of style. The same is the case with this gorgeous pair. It features basic bows as studs with a small cube-like crystal that gives the extra touch of style to the pair. You can wear them for both casual and fancy looks while feeling gorgeous every time.

15. A pair of bow pearl earrings that will give you a very girly and youthful look

Aren’t these pearl earrings so cute? We bet you can’t resist buying them when you lay your eyes upon these charmers. They are super gorgeous and stylish. Above all, they are available in so many different colors to choose from. So why not buy them now and add a cute touch to your jewelry collection?

16. A pair of bow wreath earrings so pretty you’ll never want to take them off

bow wreath earrings

These wreath earrings are what’s becoming the new talk of the town. They look so simple yet so stylish at the same time. Even we couldn’t resist adding them to our list. You can wear them on all types of events and occasions without any hesitation. We’re sure you’ll be grabbing numerous compliments when you wear them.


In short, bow earrings are among the most girlish jewelry designs out there. They make you look super trendy, elegant and youthful at the same time. So buy these pairs now and upgrade your accessory game.

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