24+ Bridal Earrings For A Heavenly Look

Is your big day approaching soon and you’re still stressing over which bridal earrings to choose? Well, worry no more. We understand that brides all around the globe want their big day to be as romantic and perfect as it can be. And why wouldn’t they? Wedding accessories can be tricky given that there are so many options to choose from. If you have been recently engaged or are getting married soon, you might be wondering what kind of jewelry style do you want to go with. Do you want to make a statement with your earrings or keep it minimal? Or perhaps, you want to keep it subtle and not be too extravagant. Whatever the case is, you can count on us to check off one of the most important items from your list; bridal earrings.

Here is a list of the finest and the most luxurious bridal earrings that you need for a heavenly look on your big day. They are all so charmingly attractive that you might feel like buying them all.

1. A pair of bridal drop earrings to make you feel like a princess on your big day

Look at these beauties! You can’t help but get mesmerized by how precious they are. Choose these drop earrings for your big day if you like pearls and minimalist style.

2. A pair of bridal crystal earrings to make you feel more special on your special day

Tell the world about your special day with these perfect crystal earrings. They feature multiple crystals that enhance the overall appeal. We can bet that if your style is more extravagant, you would love to wear these on your special day.

3. A pair of bridal oversized earrings so extravagant that any bride will look gorgeous wearing them

Own your wedding day with these oversized earrings? Whoever said that brides shouldn’t wear extravagant earrings probably never saw these heavenly drops. They feature layers of crystals which will definitely make any bride stand out on her big day.

4. A pair of bridal earrings with pearl to create an elegant look

Aren’t pearls beautiful? We all love them because they look elegant. But no one loves them more than brides. Wear these pearl earrings on your big day to get that look full of grace and elegance.

5. A pair of bridal hoop earrings to carry a perfect modern look

Whoever said brides can’t wear hoops couldn’t be more wrong. These gorgeous hoop earrings should be your choice for a royal affair on your wedding day.

6. A pair of bridal tassel earrings so delicate that you’d care for it more than your dress

Tassels are perfect to start a royal affair. Give a real classy vibe at your wedding with these charming tassel earrings. These absolute piece of beauties are no less than a heavenly treat.

7. A pair of bridal threader earrings so light you wouldn’t feel wearing them unless someone tells you how beautiful they are

We know how stressful weddings can get. That is why you shouldn’t be carrying around the stress of extra heavy earrings. So choose these super lightweight threader earrings. They are as delightful as they can get.

8. A pair of bridal leaf earrings that will make you shine bright on your big day

It’s your big day and you should be the one to shine the brightest! If you want to get all the attention on yourself, go for these stylish leaf earrings.

9. A pair of bridal orchid earrings that will radiate positive vibes for you

Channel positive vibes with these gorgeous orchid earrings. The last thing you want at your wedding is negativity. So, radiate love and positive energy all around while wearing these perfect earrings.

10. A pair of bridal earrings in gold so glamorous that everyone will be mesmerized by them

Gold is the evergreen choice for a wedding. However, wearing real gold in your wedding might not be your first choice. Or perhaps you want the wedding to be simplistic. In any case, a little glam wouldn’t hurt anyone. If you’re having a simple wedding, choose these earrings in gold to go with our dress.

11. A pair of silver bridal earrings to create a sophisticated look

Are you a silver lover? If you’re looking for the perfect silver earrings to wear on your big day, look no more. This is the perfect pair of earrings in silver that you’ll get. Mesmerize your guests and your groom with these radiant pair.

12. A pair of chandelier bridal earrings to look luxurious and rich

Chandelier earrings are the go-to choice for any formal occasion. But at a wedding, they are extra special. Be a special bride on your big day and wear these gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings. The best part is that they are available in two color options. You can get them in silver or in gold. Our advice is to buy both of them and see what works best for you.

13. A pair of bridal earrings studs to keep things simple yet luxurious

Who says that only big earrings can be luxurious? Whoever does, they are absolutely wrong. These adorable pair of stud earrings are enough to keep things simple yet luxurious on your big day. So if you are a style lover, these are the perfect pair for you.

14. A pair of clip-on bridal earrings so precious and delicate that you’ll want to wear them forever

Clip-on earrings are the perfect accessory for anyone whose ears aren’t pierced or they don’t want to carry around the heavyweight all day. These clip-on earrings feature crystal details all over them. They are available in two color options; silver and gold. Whichever one you decide to choose for your wedding day, it’ll look spectacular.

15. A pair of teardrop bridal earrings that will make you and your loved ones teary over how gorgeous they look

Teardrop earrings are perfect for a wedding. They are delicate, elegant and adds glamor to the attire. These teardrop earrings are featured in champagne color – a color that is known for charm.

16. A pair of dangle bridal earrings so smooth that you’d fall in love with them

These dangle earrings are the most luxurious piece of jewelry ever created. They are available in two color options. You can get them to match your white dress in silver color. Or if your dress isn’t traditional white, you can get them in gold color.

17. A pair of bridal earrings so big you would tie your hair back so people can compliment you

Would you just look at how beautiful they are? These big earrings are so full of lush and glam that everyone at your wedding will complement these. They will look best if you wear them with your hair tied back. That way their sparkle won’t go unnoticed.

18. A pair of blue bridal earrings that can be your ‘something blue’

Is your wedding day approaching soon? Are you still in search of your something blue? If your answer is yes, search no more. These bluestone earrings are so charismatic that you’d look luscious wearing them. Not to mention, they will be your something blue.

19. A pair of rose gold bridal earrings so lovely that you might love them more than your groom

Rose gold is a color to die for! Its spark is so finessed that you can’t help but fall in love with it. These rose gold earrings feature in two color options; white and light blue. They are lightweight and easy on the eye. Choose them for a simple wedding look.

20. A pair of diamond earrings studs totally worth a little extra splurge

Nothing can ever go wrong with a diamond. What could be better than wearing a precious and delicate fine diamond stud at your wedding? Diamonds radiate positivity, lush and love. Choose a simple yet elegant stud to go with your outfit at your big day and make it more special.

21. A pair of floral bridal earrings for a traditional look

Get traditional on your wedding day with these mesmerizing floral earrings? They are also available in solid gold color. Look at them closely and you’ll see all the fine details that are ravishing to look at!

22. A pair of minimal bridal earrings that are perfect for a bride who wants to keep it simple and graceful

Love to go minimal? This is the option for you. We understand that some brides don’t like getting extravagant on their wedding. That is why we have a beautiful minimalistic earrings option for them. The most exciting news is that they are available in three different color options. You can also get all of them and gift them to your bridesmaids.

23. A pair of statement earrings that your bridesmaids will go gaga over

These earrings are a fashion statement on their own. Be a fashion diva and give your bridesmaids a fashion note on your wedding. The most confident women will wear these with ease.

24. A pair of long bridal earrings for the brides who love extravangance

Some brides love the simple look on your wedding day while some want to own it like a true diva! If you love glamour and extravagance these long earrings are made for you. Just look at how perfect they are!

25. A pair of modern bridal earrings that are the literal definition of perfection

Modern brides care most about being glamourous and redefining style. If you’re such a bride or love minimal style and studs, these are the perfect pair for you. their shine and luster are unmatched. Be a true embodiment of beauty on your wedding day with these perfect studs.


At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, you’re the bride and you’re in complete charge of it. Choose what your heart desires the most. These earrings are the best you can find. From the modern look and minimal designs to making a statement of style and extravagance, these earrings cover it all for you.

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