20+ Butterfly Earrings to Add to Your Closet Right Now

When it comes to buying stylish jewelry pieces, women nowadays are always looking for earrings that not only look trendy but also bring a style factor to their outfits and closet in general. Butterfly earrings are always a top choice in this regard. They not only look very stylish and girly but also expensive and elegant.

If you want to buy beautiful butterfly earrings without spending an entire fortune then you need to choose from our list of butterfly earrings that will fulfill your demands at much lesser rates. Here’s our list of some of the most elegant butterfly earrings:

1. A sophisticated pair of amber butterfly earrings

amber butterfly earrings

This pair of amber butterfly earrings are a perfect buying choice for girls to wear on an everyday basis and for office use as well. They bring style to every outfit and look very expensive as well.

2. A gorgeous set of blue butterfly sterling silver earrings

blue butterfly sterling silver earrings

This amazing pair of blue-colored butterfly sterling silver earrings not only looks very elegant and lavish but can be paired with a variety of outfits like a long white evening gown, a shiny or bling black sequin dress or even minimal office outfit.

3. A stylish pair of butterfly chain earrings

butterfly chain earrings

Looking for a pair of butterfly earrings that looks expensive yet is not very pricey in real? This is the pair you need. It looks really very lavish and gorgeous and can be paired with a large variety of outfits to make a trendy look.

4. A cute pair of butterfly clasp earrings

butterfly clasp earrings

These butterfly clasp earrings are an amazing pair of earrings not only for young adults but also for little girls who want to maintain their style file from a very early age. They are perfect for an everyday basis with minimal and cute outfits.

5. A fancy pair of butterfly cuff earrings

butterfly cuff earrings

This beautiful pair of silver-colored butterfly cuff earrings are an absolute favorite for wearing on special evening events like dinner dates, award functions and prom nights. They bring style and shine to your outfit.

A colorful pair of butterfly dangle earrings

butterfly dangle earrings

If you are looking for a unique and funky pair of butterfly earrings to add to your closet then this is the best buy for you. This set is available in two different colors which you can style and wear with a large number of outfits to look trendy and chic.

6. A pair of unique butterfly drop earrings

butterfly drop earrings

This extremely gorgeous pair of butterfly drop earrings may look very large and heavy but actually it is very lightweight and easy to carry. You can style it with a black and white minimal outfit to look classy, chic and a total fashionista.

8. A pair of long and beautiful butterfly hanging earrings

butterfly hanging earrings

This very beautiful and elegant pair of butterfly hanging earrings should be on the top of your buying list as it makes an amazing choice of earrings for not only day time events but also for special evenings where you have to look the most stylish and classy.

9. A pair of ravishing butterfly multi-colored crystal earrings

These multi-colored butterfly crystal earrings are one of our top picks for this wedding season. You can buy them to add style to your closet and wear them not only for daytime wedding events but also evening after-parties and meetups.

10. A pair of highly unique butterfly-shaped earrings

butterfly shaped earrings

These beautiful and stylish butterfly-shaped earrings are an excellent buying choice for women who want to update their style file. You can buy them in three different colors which makes them easily wearable with a large variety of outfits.

11. A pair of very stylish butterfly stud earrings

These beautiful styles of butterfly stud earrings are available in three different colors and are perfect for wearing with short fancy dresses or even to a special day at university. They can also be worn on small parties where you want to look good without compromising your comfort.

12. A pair of versatile butterfly threader earrings

If you want to look different and stylish than all the girls around you then you need to add these unique butterfly threader earrings to your style file. They are not only going to make you look very chic, but we are sure you’re also going to get so many compliments.

13. A pair of chic and stylish butterfly wing earrings

butterfly wing earrings

If you want to look chic and stylish without spending a huge amount of money on good jewelry then this pair of butterfly earrings is surely for you. They look so lavish and expensive yet are not pricey at all. Moreover, you can choose from two colors and style them in varying ways.

14. A set of small and cute clip-on butterfly earrings

clip-on butterfly earrings

These beautiful clip-on butterfly earrings are the perfect design and style for young girls and even kids who like to stay in style. Their cute nude color goes with almost every outfit and looks very classy.

15. A pair of shiny crystal butterfly earrings

These beautiful crystal butterfly earrings are available in three different colors which you can easily choose from and wear with your shiny and blingy outfits to look extra lavish, stylish and gorgeous.

16. Elegant black and white butterfly earrings

These elegant butterfly earrings in black and white color are the perfect buying choice to add minimal and sophisticated style to your outfits. They are small and gorgeous and can even be worn by elder ladies, young girls and kids also.

17. A pair of enamel butterfly earrings in a shiny red color

These elegant and beautiful enamel butterfly earrings in sterling silver 925 are an excellent buying choice for women who want high-quality earrings at less price. You can style them in a variety of ways and outfits to look chic and fashionable.

18. A pair of statement style large butterfly earrings

These large butterfly earrings are an absolute perfect pick for this wedding season. They are available in two different colors and you can buy them to style variably with your gold and silver outfits. They look very trendy and chic.

19. A pair lavish long clip-on butterfly chain earrings

These long and beautiful butterfly chain earrings in rose gold color are at the top in the list of fancy earrings for special events. The color and details on these earrings are very gorgeous and stylish which when worn with a chic long maxi dress will take your outfit to a whole new level.

20. A pair of stunning blue sterling silver butterfly earrings

If you need a stylish and inexpensive pair of blue silver earrings then this is the best one for you. They are not only less pricey but also very gorgeous and shiny that look like they cost a huge fortune. they can bring shine and bling to a dull outfit.

21. A pair of small and sophisticated tiny butterfly earrings

These tiny butterfly earrings should be the top choice for women who want to adorn their daughter’s ears with gorgeous and comfy stud earrings. They are available in four different colors and can go with all your little girl’s colorful outfits.


All in all, butterfly earrings in a variety of styles, forms and sizes are the go-to buying choice for trendy women. Our list of butterfly earrings gives you an inspiration and buying opportunity of some of the best butterfly earrings in the market.

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