Emerald Flower Earrings Fit For Royalty

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Emeralds are such exquisite precious stones. It is no wonder that the phrase “green with envy” exists. These precious stones adorn the ears of both royalty and celebrities as well as many people who can’t get enough of them. Emerald earrings are placed in particular shapes and for now, we are going to look at emerald flower earrings.

Emerald flower earrings are what they sound like. They are earrings, made of emeralds, placed in a flower shape. The thing is that there are so many different kinds of flowers and earring types available that these earrings can take on many appearances. Let’s look at some of them:

Different Types of Emerald Flower Earrings

Emerald Flower Leverback Earrings

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Leverback earrings are where there the earrings are enclosed. They are made especially for ears that are pierced. The back of these types of earrings are curved in an immitation of a fish hook. The enclosure then bends and will latch on behind the ear.

The specific emerald flower leverback earrings are very symmetrical. The flower shape is almost like a daisy with three petals on top and a matching three petals below.

Emerald Flower Stud Earrings

Image Credit: Kai Linz

These are emerald flower stud earrings. They are small and chic. In the middle is a princess cut emerald and around it diamond and emerald petals surround it. They are asymmetrical themselves but when paired together perfectly balance themselves out.

Emerald & Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Vintage Creators

These charming earrings are small yet met an elegant statement. They are set in 14 karat white gold. They are perfect for brunches with the ladies and can be worn everyday. Highlight them by wearing tops or dresses that have a hint of green.

Emerald Flower Chandelier Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Greff

Emerald flower chandelier earrings are created in a design that fans out and cascades from the earlobe. They are dramatic and demand attention. They are best suited for galas, red carpet events and award shows. They also suit nights out at VIP night clubs. These will look gorgeous with a little black, green, white, silver or red dress.

These particular emerald flower chandelier earrings are designed with flowers on top with strands of diamonds holding tear drop emeralds. Absolutely exquisite!

Emerald Carved Flower Earrings

Image Credit: Maharani Jewels

Emerald carved flower earrings hold an antique design to them. They are simply beautiful, placed in a gold setting. These pair of earrings have been intricately carved to match one another. They hang from the earlobes and there is definitely something regal about this design.

Emerald Flower Dangle Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Pinterest

These emerald floral dangle earrings are simply stunning. They are held up by white diamonds. The floral pattern appears in the middle. Round diamonds are surrounded by circular emeralds, 3 on top and 3 below the center. Underneath them, they hold giant tear drop emeralds.

Emerald Flower Bomb Dangle Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Pinterest

These magnificent earrings are just a pleasure to the eye. The emeralds are smooth and round like little flower bombs. They are emerald cabochons of over 20 carats each. They are held up by white tear drop diamonds.

Emerald Cabochon & Diamond Flower Earrings

Image Credit: Pinterest

Emerald Cabochons have a dome top, in an oval or round shape. These are stunning, emulating the sun. You will look like a goddess in them! They are set in 18 karat yellow gold and the emeralds are from Colombia. There are diamonds among the golden petals.

Emerald Flower Clip-On Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Pinterest

These are very elegant antique emerald, diamond and pearl clip-on earrings set in yellow gold. They certainly make a statement and look beautiful with evening gowns. They are perfect for events where you want to shine!

Designer Jewelry Houses & Emerald Flower Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the most luxurious jewelry brands on the planet. Its hails from France and sells luxury jewels, watches and perfumes. Alfred Van Cleef founded it in 1896 with his father-in-law Salomon Arpels. Today they sell some of the most luxurious pieces that can be found.

Emerald Flower Clip Earrings

Image Credit: Eleuteri

These are emerald flower ear clips that Van Cleef & Arpels designed around 1980. Its diameter is 2 cm. Its design has diamond petals coming out of a central emerald. They almost look like a four leaf clover, or flowers with heart shaped petals. They are lovely and chic and sit in yellow gold.

Gold & Diamond Emerald Flower Earrings

Image Credit: Pinterest

These stunning Van Cleef & Arpel emerald and diamond earrings are simply captivating. They have a Caribbean feel to them and are great earrings to wear at parties or evenings by the beach. An emerald is held in the middle, in gold with diamonds sprouting out below and to the sides.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is a luxury jewelry company based in America. Their headquarters are in New York. They are well known for all their luxury items, especially their diamond and sterling silver items.

Emerald Lily Flower Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Pinterest

These gorgeous emerald flower earrings by Tiffany & Co. are a show stopper! The round emerald is held firmly in its basket in the center. Gold petals protrude from it. In between there are diamond covered petals that are hard, pointed and look like the petals of a lily. A woman wearing this shows that she has a lot of confidence.

Emerald Gold & Diamond Flower Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Pinterest

These stunning Tiffany & Co. emerald flower earrings have emerald cut emeralds held in the center, in their gold basket with white diamonds and round gold studs surrounding them. They are rather fancy and perfect for dinners at upscale restaurants and important events where you need to dress up.

Emerald Flower Earrings With Other Precious Stones

Emerald Flower Earrings With Rubies

Image Credit: Dreamland Jewelry

Emerald flower earrings are beautiful when combined with rubies. The red of the rubies compliment the green of the emeralds and work with each other perfectly. These particular floral earrings include a round diamond in the middle. They are designed in a perfect flower shape, petals, stem, leaves and all, all encased in a yellow gold setting.

Emerald Flower Earrings With Rubies & Sapphires & Diamonds

Image Credit: incollect

Emerald flower earrings with rubies, sapphires and diamonds certainly make a statement. These are special earcuff earrings which boast a design of three flowers per set. These beauties lie in 18 karat gold. Sapphires and emeralds are classified as “cool” colors and play nicely off each other.

Emerald Flower Earrings With Diamonds & Amethysts

Image Credit: Pinterest

These are emerald flower stud earrings set in yellow gold. It holds 0.04 carats of gorgeous round brilliant diamonds, as well as 1 carat of round shining amethysts. It contains 0.62 carats of pear emeralds. The purple of the amethysts play off the green of the emeralds beautifully. Both purple and green are very spiritual, healing colors and these earrings can be worn anywhere!

Emerald Flower Earrings With Opals

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Eden Presley

How can you not fall in love with these pink emerald and opal flower earrings? These are just so stunning. Perfect for romantic nights out, they will compliment you in every way bringing out your own beauty and splendor.

Emerald Lapis Flower Earrings

Emerald Flower Earrings
Image Credit: Pinterest

Lapis, also known as lapis lazuli is a stunning deep-blue semi-precious stone that is a deep royal blue metamorphic rock that has been valued since ancient history. These particular earrings dangle down in a floral shapes with beautiful emeralds in the center baskets.

Royalties In Love With Emeralds

Princess Diana

Image Credit: Pinterest

The most popular princess of all time, Princess Diana, had a love affair with diamonds and jewels. Emeralds especially played off her baby blue eyes. She had a notable collection and was famous for the stunning jewelry she wore to important royal events.

Princess Diana Earrings

Image Credit: Amazon

These Princess Diana earrings hold big emeralds in the middle with a floral bouquet of white diamonds around them. The reason they are called “Princess Diana” earrings are because of her engagement ring that was designed in this style. The only difference is that the ring she wore had a stunning blue sapphire in the middle.

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie wedding. Princess Eugenie arrives for her wedding to Jack Brooksbank at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Picture date: Friday October 12, 2018. See PA story ROYAL Wedding. Photo credit should read: Yui Mok/PA Wire URN:39081580 (Press Association via AP Images)

The world has been watching Princess Eugenie since she was a little girl. It came as no surprise that when she got married she wore a tiara with emeralds.

Isha Ambani

Image Credit: Style

Isha Ambani is not exactly royalty, but is often referred to as “Princess”. She is one of the wealthiest women in the world since her father, Mukesh Ambani, is the richest man in Asia and is worth a massive $60.7 billion.

Isha wears a stunning matching set of emerald flower earrings and necklace. The floral designs are massive with huge round emeralds placed in the middle surrounded by tons of diamonds. These emerald flower earrings are very heavy and can’t be worn all day, but they definitely make a statement!

Emerald Flower Earrings Will Last Forever

Emerald flower earring certainly are everywhere! They add a little touch of youthfulness and play to all jewelry designs. You can’t go wrong with emerald flower earrings and they are definitely your go to earrings when you can’t decide which pair to wear, as they suit most occasions. They are definitely here to stay. One thing is for sure, if they are good enough for royalty, they are most definitely good enough for you!

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