Oval-Cut Emerald Earrings and What Makes Them Look So Attractive

actress wearing oval cut emerald
Actor/producer Issa Rae attends The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Image source: The Hollywood Reporter

Oval-cut emerald earrings are the latest fashion trend. They have become increasingly popular among celebrities and fashion-forward people. This is because emeralds in oval cuts look very attractive and stylish. They bring bling and shine to your outfit making you look chic and trendy.

History of Oval cut

The oval cut in gemstones dates back to as early as the 14th century. Even the most famous and largest cut diamonds in the world, the “Koh-i-Noor” has an oval cut.

Due to the lack of tools and skill early jewelers were not able to make perfect oval cut gemstones. But later, two Russian jewelers Abraham Tolkowsky and Lazare Kaplan, and one mathematician, Marcel Tolkowsky are considered to be the makers of the oval cut.

oval cut emeralds
5.60 carat emerald in oval cut. Image source: Gem Rock Auctions
Where to buy oval cut emerald earrings?

People intrigued and fascinated by emerald jewelry are always in search of sources where they can buy such authentic emerald earrings. Here are some most credible sources of buying earrings with oval cut emeralds:

1. Online shops
Firstly, online jewelry shops are the best source for buying emerald earrings. Since these shops deal specifically with jewelry, you can find one of the best emerald jewelry pieces at these online stores. Some of the most famous online jewelry stores are Net-a-Porter, Ross-Simons and Oak Gems.

2. Brand websites
Secondly, the websites of famous brands are another very authentic source of buying trendy emerald earrings with oval-cut jewels. Some of the most famous brand websites in this regard are Cartier, Bucellati, Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany & Co.

3. Etsy
Founded in 2005, in New York, Etsy is an online global marketplace for authentic, vintage and handmade articles. It is a well-known source of buying authentic emerald jewelry. You can find some of the most unique and credible Emerald earrings with oval gemstones at Etsy.

4. eBay
Based in United States, eBay is a multinational e-commerce website that provides sales on both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer platforms. It is a good source of buying earrings with oval-cut emeralds as it always deals with true sellers and buyers which provide authentic items.

What makes the oval cut so attractive?

The oval cut in emeralds is adorned by famous celebrities and royal women. Due to its trendy and stylish look, it is often sported by the most fashion-forward and trendy people. There are some key features of the emerald cut that make it look very attractive. Let’s take a look at these characteristics:


First and foremost, the clarity of an oval gemstone is the major reason for its attractive looks. An oval cut emerald is designed in such a way that it reduces the blemishes and imperfections in the stone. The lack of imperfections enhances the clarity and transparency of the gemstone making it look even more precious.


Secondly, the shape of the cut matters a lot. Although the GIA, does not provide any specific measurements but it emphasizes a lot on the shape of oval cut gemstones. They should be in perfect symmetry and structure so that it makes a flawless oval shape that looks more attractive and sexy.


According to the GIA, the quality of the oval gemstone matters a lot. Although an excellent oval shape may be unachievable, it is important to make the round edges perfect and symmetrical in order to enhance the quality of the precious stone.


Lastly, the design in which the oval stone is embedded is very important. A beautiful and perfect match design can greatly enhance the beauty of an oval gemstone. On the contrary, a bad design choice can take away the charm of the stone making it look dull and boring. Thus, design is the key.

Oval-cut emerald earrings in different styles

The large demands for oval cut emerald earrings urges designers to make them in a variety of earrings styles. This is to provide more diversity and variety to the consumers and enhance the attractiveness of the gemstone. Emeralds are often incorporated to make emerald chandelier earrings, emerald drop earrings and emerald earrings with oval cut gemstones. Let’s take a look at the different earring styles with oval cut emeralds.

Drop earrings

oval emerald drop earrings
Emerald drop earrings in an oval cut. Image source: Diamondere
oval emerald drop earrings
Antique drop earrings with oval cut emeralds. Image source: 1stdibs

Hoop earrings

oval emerald hoop earrings
White gold emerald hoop earrings in oval cut. Image source: MB Jewelry
oval emerald hoop earrings
18K gold hoop earrings in oval cut emeralds. Image source: eBay

Chandelier earrings

oval emerald chandelier earrings
Emerald chandelier earrings with pear cut and oval cut gemstones. Image source: Pinterest
oval emerald chandelier earrings
Emerald chandelier earrings in oval cut. Image source: Amazon

Dangle earrings

oval emerald dangle earrings
Dangle earrings with oval cut emeralds. Image source: Amazon
oval emerald dangle earrings
Antique oval cut emerald dangle earrings. Image source: Ali Express

Stud earrings

oval emerald stud earrings
1-carat oval emerald stud earrings. Image source: Over Stock
oval emerald stud earrings
White gold stud earrings with oval cut emeralds. Image source: The Jewel Hut

Oval-cut emerald earrings with combinations of different gemstones

The uniqueness and attractiveness of oval cut emeralds makes them useful for combination with different gemstones. Earrings made from a combination of emeralds with other gemstones look very trendy and stylish. Emeralds are most commonly combined with other gemstones like pearls, sapphires, rubies, opals, and diamonds.

Emeralds and sapphires

Oval cut emeralds and sapphires in amethyst chandelier earrings. Image source: Over Stock

Emeralds and rubies

Antique yellow gold chandelier earrings with oval emeralds and round rubies. Image source: Surat Diamonds

Emeralds and opals

Opals and oval cut emerald drop earrings. Image source: REI Jewelry

Emeralds and diamonds

Yellow gold drop earrings with diamonds and emeralds in oval cut. Image source: Jian London

Emeralds and pearls

Yellow gold chandelier earrings with oval emeralds and pearls. Image source: Sazingg

Designers who make Oval-cut emerald earrings


Due to being one of the most renowned luxury jewelry making brands, Cartier is always on the top of the list when it comes to making extravagant emerald earrings in oval cut.

Panthere de Cartier emerald chandelier earrings in oval cut. Image source: Pinterest


Founded in 2011, in Milan, Italy by a father and son duo, Bucellati has now become one of the most prominent luxury jewelry making brands. Bucellati’s emerald earrings in oval cuts have been adorned by the most rich, royal and trendy women.

Bucellati stud earrings with oval cut emeralds. Image source: Alain Truong

Van Cleef & Arpels

Next in the list of authentic jewelry makers lies Van Cleef & Arpels. Founded in 1896, this is a Paris-based luxury jewelry making brand. They are one of the most authentic makers of Oval cut emerald Jewelry. Their jewels are bought worldwide by elites, royals and fashion-forward people who like to style modernized jewelry with a slight touch of archaic designs.

Van Cleef & Arpels drop earrings with oval cut and pear cut emeralds. Image source: Alain Truong

Tiffany & Co

Another very famous name in the luxury jewelry industry is Tiffany & Co. It is one of the most authentic brands that make oval cut emerald earrings. Above all, jewelry pieces made by Tiffany & Co are worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Julie who are known to be the trendsetters of the fashion industry.

Tiffany & Co emerald earrings in oval cut. Image source: Pinterest

Famous celebrities wearing oval cut emerald earrings

Oval emerald earrings are so precious and attractive that they are very often worn by famous celebrities and members of royal families.

Taylor Swift wearing emerald stud earrings in oval cut at the 2011 American Music Awards

Image source: The Hair Styler

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing oval emerald stud earrings at a royal event

Image source: Pinterest

In Conclusion

In short, emerald earrings in oval cuts are among the highlights of fashion trends. They look very attractive and stylish and bring grace, modernity, and style to your outfits.

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