Purple Grape Earrings

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These purple grape earrings are for a fruit lover. These earrings are a zinc alloy and feature a cluster of purple crystal grapes.8DG_HTB1D0FTXiYrK1Rjy0Fdq6ACvVXaoCMC_HTB1NDxTXfjsK1Rjy1Xaq6zispXaIE8K_Hot-Summer-Estilo-Coreano-Roxo-Uva-Cluster-Declara-o-de-Corda-De-Cristal-Pendientes-Brincos-deTS4_Hot-Summer-Estilo-Coreano-Roxo-Uva-Cluster-Declara-o-de-Corda-De-Cristal-Pendientes-Brincos-de (1)W8S_HTB1aV8UXjnuK1RkSmFPq6AuzFXaXW94_HTB1CdFTXiYrK1Rjy0Fdq6ACvVXaa (1)


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