30+ Rainbow Earrings To Celebrate Colors and Love

Are you looking to mix playful jewelry with vintage, timeless pieces? Or are you looking for mixing up the minimalism trend with some delightful and colorful pieces? For those who want to change their style a bit or mix things up, this rainbow earrings collection has perfect trinkets that will make a statement. Be the center of attention at all gatherings with these glitzy and glamourous pieces.

So if you are looking for earrings that will add sparkle to any ensemble, browse through our collection and add your favorite rainbow earrings to the cart. These pieces are extremely versatile and there is something for everyone. From minimalist pieces to chunky jewelry, this collection will not disappoint.

1. A pair of huggie earrings for a glittering look

These super adorable rainbow huggie earrings have us all swooning in awe. These are super lovable and can be paired with a rainbow necklace for a complete colorful look. Our suggestion would be to pair them with any single colored outfit and let these earrings take the center stage.

2. A pair of rainbow moonstone earrings to add a luminous finish to your outfit

Do you often feel anxious in gatherings? Feel calm and collected as these moonstone earrings stabilize your emotional states. These earrings are extremely elegant and have a shiny silver finish that perfectly complements the rainbow hue of the moonstone. Pair these earrings with any outfit and watch them as they seamlessly bring your whole look together.

3. A pair of rainbow dangle earrings for fun and quirky look

Are you on a lookout for jewelry that would add an element to your outfits on days that you don’t want to put in too much effort? Well, look no further because you have found your match in these dangle earrings. Pair these with plain tees to add an interesting element to your outfit and show your fun side.

4. A pair of rainbow drop earrings that will make you glimmer

Shine out in a crowd with these drop earrings that are full of bling. This unique pair features a sun with a rainbow drop in 925 sterling silver, embedded with zirconia stones. Wear them with a flowy knee-length sky blue dress to look as beautiful as the sky when the sun comes out after a particularly rainy day.

5. A pair of rainbow earring studs for a subtle but effective look

These latch back stud earrings feature fine craftsmanship. This pair has multicolored stones featured in a pave setting on a silver frame. If you are looking for a subtle way to adopt the rainbow jewelry trend, you need to have this piece in your collection.

6. A pair of rainbow sapphire earrings to leave everyone spellbounded

If you are looking for a pair that makes you look effortlessly ravishing, these rainbow sapphire earrings are a perfect piece to add to your collection. Made of 925 sterling silver and featuring stones in pave setting, this piece is extremely graceful. Wear this on a date night and leave a lasting impression on your someone special.

7. A pair of rainbow rhinestone earrings to look opulent

These long cascading rhinestone earrings are the perfect incarnation of grandeur. If you like being the center of attention at parties, this glitzy pair is what you need to create an impact. Pair them with a black dress, soft makeup, and wavy hair to look elegant and graceful

8. A pair of rainbow heart earrings to add some color to your minimalist outfit

If you want to jump and the bandwagon of rainbow jewelry but also want to keep things minimalist, look no further. These small delicate heart earrings will make your heart flutter with happiness. These will add subtle color and personality to your otherwise minimal office wear.

9. A pair of rainbow topaz earrings for a subtle take on the rainbow trend

If you want to make a subtle but effective style statement, you have come looking at the right place. These rainbow topaz earrings have a silver frame. To look radian, wear these during the day and let people be mesmerized at how the stone lights up and changes color a sun rays touch you.

10. A pair of rainbow diamond earrings to complement your plush look

Absolutely in awe of these exquisite diamond earrings that are so ornate. These stud style earrings have a gold frame and feature a pearl and a diamond. They are available in a variety of colors to give you numerous options. For a stunning look wear them to a friend’s bridal shower and pair them with an elegant jumpsuit.

11. A pair of rainbow unicorn earrings for a mystical look

This pair of unicorn earrings are extremely cute and looks straight out of a fantasy novel. If you are someone who likes to follow as many trends as possible, this pair is perfect for you. These asymmetrical earrings have minimal look and can be worn at brunch plans with friends and family. This would also make a lovable gift for a little niece or daughter.

12. A pair of rainbow flower earrings to give of spring vibes

Do you have more than one piercing and can hardly find earrings that complement each other? We’ve got you covered as well. These dainty hooped flower earrings are super dainty. They are available in various styles including huggie and hoops. Buy more than pair to adorn your various piercings for a complete, colorful yet delicate look.

13. A pair of rainbow cross earrings to reaffirm your faith

Make a dramatic statement at your next church gathering with these bold cross earrings. These earrings have a golden frame and are encrusted with multicolored zirconia stones. Wear them with a colorful outfit for maximum impact, or a plain black dress for a more sophisticated look.

14. A pair of rainbow cloud earrings that’ll make a perfect gift for your little friend

Can’t decide on a perfect gift for your daughter, niece, or little sister? Rejoice now because she will absolutely love these cloud earrings. Don’t have a little friend? Well then buy this pair for yourself for and exude an adorable child-like charm with these cutesy earrings.

15. A pair of Gold Rainbow Earrings that will make a fashion statement with any outfit

These elegant long gold earrings will make you look smart and graceful at the next family wedding. This pair is carved out of gold and encrusted with precious stones in all the rainbow colors which makes it extremely adaptable to any look. These cascading earrings will also make a dazzling gift for your lady-love.

16. A pair of star rainbow earrings for a luminescent look

If you, like us, are a sucker for asymmetric pieces, you cannot do without this magical pair of star earrings. This super cute pair features a colorful shooting star and mythical, unicorn-horned whale encrusted with a luminous stone for a celestial look.

17. A pair of rainbow clip-on earrings to make everyone’s day delightful

In this often sad and gloomy world, add a little color and joyousness with this pair. These rainbow clip-on earrings feature a golden tassel with a rainbow hanging. This is another piece that would perfectly fit you if you are looking for an understated but colorful piece.

18. A pair of rainbow butterfly earrings for a majestic glow

These ornate rainbow butterfly studs feature a golden frame encrusted with a cluster of stones that make them super pleasing to look at. Wear these on a date night and make the heart of your loved one flutter, they are quite the charmer.

19. A pair of rainbow opal earring to make you look fascinating

Add some bling to your outfits with these magical rainbow topaz earrings. These drop earrings are only extremely fascinating, opal has a lot of healing properties. It stimulates creativity and strengthens memory. So buy this earring now if you want to heal yourself from the within and look beautiful while doing it.

20. A pair of silver rainbow earrings for a distinctive look

These high-quality silver rainbow earrings feature semi-precious stones for a precious look. These earrings are quite charming and can be worn from the day to the night, catering to both your casual looks and nighttime pizzazz.

21. A pair of rainbow pearl earrings for an ethnic look

If you are feeling bold, go for this pair of rainbow pearl earrings to exude confidence. This ethnic and eastern styled earring features freshwater pearl and many high-quality gemstones set in a golden frame which gives it a very decorative look.

22. A pair of rainbow leaf earrings for an adorable look

Don’t these adorable, tiny drop rainbow leaf earrings remind you of spring? We absolutely love how on-trend this pair is and you sure to love it too. These leaf earrings can be adaptable for many looks. Wear them with a colorful blouse for a fun spring look and a perfect everyday bling

23. This pair of long rainbow earrings for whimsical look

These whimsical long rainbow earrings are available in two settings, a multicolored rainbow look and a bright red pair inside a silver frame. This pair is perfect for a fun evening after a long week and will radiate positive energies all around

24. A pair of colorful rainbow earrings for a pleasing look

Hoops are that one piece of jewelry you can never go wrong with and these colorful rainbow earrings add a hint of playfulness to our favorite style of earrings. Wear them to dazzle every around you. The hoops style is extremely versatile and can be worn during the day or night. The small stones add a little color without overdoing it. It cannot get more perfect than this.

25. A pair of long rainbow tassel earrings to add some drama to your look

These long rainbow tassel earrings are not for one with a faint heart. This absolutely gorgeous uber-chic look is asymmetrical and will lightly graze your shoulders. Wear these earrings to make a statement as these earrings will surely capture everyone’s attention and leave them in awe.

26. A pair of crystal rainbow earrings for a soft look

This endearing pair of rainbow crystal earrings are just so glitzy. They have a golden frame and cluster of colorful silver to give it a quirky but soft look. Wear them during the day and see how the golden hour looks dull in comparison to you.

27. These rainbow initial earrings to add a charming look to your ensemble

Do you love bringing attention to your identity? These chunky rainbow earrings are perfect to represent your identity. These earrings are available in various alphabets and make it easy to add an element of fun to your attires.

28. These climber earrings to add sparkle and glam to your look

The rainbow climber earrings are a delicate way to bring some sparkle to your outfit. Exude feminine charm in these super adorable studs. Their delicate look is a result of clear crystals and platinum plating. These will make the perfect gift for your best friend’s birthday, a piece she will cherish for a long time.

29. This pair of rainbow chain earrings is perfect to bring cheerful vibe to your attire

Having a day where you are waiting for something good to happen? Well take charge and adorn these fun color rainbow chain earrings to look super cute and confident. Style them with a plain black tee on a summer afternoon to look effortlessly chic.

30. A pair of rainbow fish earrings to look glam and fabulous

Are you into environmental causes? Or you looking for a pair of earrings that will let you make a statement and speak for themselves? We’ve got you covered. Wear these gorgeous and attention-getting rainbow fish earrings to your next charity event for the preservation of marine life and make a statement without really saying anything.

31. A pair of titanium rainbow earrings to soothe and cleanse your soul

We are so in love with these titanium rainbow earrings and not just because of how gorgeous they are. These beautiful earrings have star cut out of agave stone which has fabulous healing qualities. It will make you feel calm by removing negative energy and ease any tension and anger you feel. So adorn your earlobes with at least one of the five colors and look exquisite calm and confident.


We hope you had as much fun going through this collection as we had while curating it for you. These pieces are extremely versatile and have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for baubles that will make an impact statement or for minimalist pieces to add a hint of color to your outfit, this collection has got you covered. So wait are you waiting for? Add your favorite rainbow earrings to the cart and ablaze with this lovely collection.

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