25+ Red Earrings to Add Some Spice to Your Outfits

Don’t you just love adding new items to your wardrobe? We all know how fun it is to add pieces that elevate our looks, pretty little things that are elegant, bold, or colorful. During the summer season, when everyone is lighter colors to keep themselves fresh, a bright accessory just adds a touch of playfulness and charm. Our red earrings collection is perfect of that purpose

These exuberant red earrings all feature some form or shade of red and are super fun to accessorize. Most of these are pieces that can be worn casually to keep you comfortable, but if you are on a lookout for formal earrings, we’ve got you covered too! So what are you waiting for, read ahead to find out what we have in store for you!

1. A pair of red heart earrings to spread love

These heart earrings just scream casual and fun. The golden heart-shaped earring is painted red, and the classic gold-red combination looks lovely. Style them with a graphic white teet-shirt, tucked into a pair of loosely fitted jeans to stay comfortable on a hot summer day while looking effortlessly chic.

2. A pair of red tassel earring to look fashion-forward

Do you want to look dapper and confident? This pair of long tassel earrings with an engraved red stud is what you need. Just style them with a black or white tank and some casual culotte pants to become the next trendsetter at your college.

3. A pair of red hoop earrings for a romantic look

These sizeable hoop earrings feature small hearts dangling around the hoop. Their shape will remind you of all the times in your childhood when you rode the Ferris Wheel. Wear them with loose flowy blouses for a dreamy and romantic look. These are available in silver and gold for easy styling options.

4. A pair of fancy red earrings to astonish everyone at your next formal event

Have an important event coming up but don’t now what accessorize to wear? These charming red earrings are fancy and suited for your next event. They feature several rose petals suspended on a chain. Wear this with a black dress and leave everyone floored!

5. A pair of long red earrings for a mouthwatering look

Have you ever looked at jewelry and felt that your mouth starts to water because of how delicious it looks? If not, you are sure to feel that way with these long earrings that look like a cherry. The earrings feature either a silver or a gold stem, and the cherries also come in two juicy shades of red. That is not all; the cherries are detachable so you can customize your asymmetrical look. Jewelry cannot get more fun than this!!

6. A pair of red bead earrings to add some sass to your look

These stylish beaded bead earrings are a must-have. They are made of a shiny silver spherical frame with beads that go all around. A large pearly white bead hangs down from the hoop to give these hoops a relaxed and casual look.

7. A pair of red and gold earrings to create an illusion


These phenomenal earrings are super sneaky. Depending on the angle you are viewed from, these earrings will appear either gold or red creating a perfect illusion. They have a drop style and are truly a splendid piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

8. A pair of red rhinestone earrings for a contemporary look

These contemporary large rhinestone earrings take up the shape of a fringed heart and are marvelous. Because of their heavy look, wear them with a solid colored dress to add a touch of glitter.

9. A pair of red leather earrings to express love to your country

Everyone finds ways to express love to their country in different ways. Our red leather earrings will just make the process easier for you. These three-layered, teardrop-shaped earrings will let you express your patriotism in a subtle but powerful way.

10. A pair of red teardrop earrings for an artistic look

This pair of teardrop earrings are available in many different colors. Tightly sewn together beads surround the teardrop frame for a quirky look. These look super artsy and are perfect for a teenage girl who wants to express her creativity and artistic side.

11. A pair of red jasper earrings to ooze some classic charm

A perfect pair of earrings to wear red subtly. The earrings have a drop earring style and feature a large jasper stone in the center. Did you know that jasper keeps away stress and negative energy? That just makes it perfect to wear to the office because we all know work can get overwhelming at times.

12. A pair of red lip earrings to look sensual

These lip earrings are full of sparkle. The voluptuous lips look even more enhanced because of the glitter giving them a sensual appeal. Style them with an off-shoulder blouse and soft makeup for a sultry look that will get you all the attention you want.

13. A pair of red wooden earrings for some geometric fun

Wear these wooden earrings on a warm summer day with some light makeup and tousled hair. These geometric earrings are all set to make a statement wherever you wear them. Wood earrings are super light, so you can comfortably wear them all day long and give off a boho-chic vibe.

14. A pair of red jade earrings to protect yourself from harm

These asymmetrical jade earrings are made of sterling silver and plated with gold. These are carved out in the shape of crowns and are adorable. Not only this, but these earrings are also encrusted with jade stones which are said to keep the wearer away from harm.

15. A pair of red bow earrings for a trip down the memory lane

These bow earrings will make you nostalgic. They are shaped like the famous Minnie mouse and will take you back to your childhood. The earrings are encrusted with red crystals and look beautiful, just like Minnie. So, adorn these and show your sweet and fun-loving nature to the world.

16. A pair of red garnet earrings to make yourself feel like a queen

These ornate garnet earrings will become your go-to pair for formal evenings. These earrings are very intricately designed in 925 sterling silver and have a hanging style. And did you know, garnet has healing properties? Wearing it will detoxify your blood and keep your heart healthy. We think that is enough to make these earrings a must-have.

17. A pair of red rose earrings to bring bloom to your ears

Everyone loves roses in their full bloom. However, it is not possible to get them all the time. But worry not, with our rose earrings, you can keep your favorite flower close to you at all times. These earrings are hand-painted and look delightful. These will also make a cute gift for your significant other.

18. A pair of red vintage earrings for an ethnic look

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These acrylic chandelier earrings are encrusted with red stones and have beads dangling from the end. The dull blackish silver gives them an antique look that complements the red embellishments. The chandelier’s design is very ethnic and would work well with any outfit.

19. A pair of red round earrings to look chic and trendy


Look closely, don’t these remind you of ladybugs, nature’s most beneficial bug? Radiate the energy of a ladybug in these gorgeous red round earrings. The shiny golden round circle is encrusted with red stones and will make you sparkle and stand-out.

20. A pair of silver red earrings to dazzle on a date

Make people flutter all around you with these 925 sterling silver, butterfly earrings that are handmade with love. Each butterfly is encrusted with 12 cubic zircons that give them a little shine. We would suggest wearing them on a date and dazzling your loved one with these.

21. A pair of red stud earrings for a 100-watt glow


Get glowing with the stud earrings that are a perfect mix of old-world charm and contemporary fashion. The classic white pearl brings out the beauty of the red rose and the crystal-encrusted butterfly just ties together everything.

22. A pair of red leaf earrings to create a bold statement

These crystal encrusted cherry earrings are what you need if you want to create a bold statement. They will give you the limelight that you desire and make you look fabulous. Style them with a black gown, and be ready to steal everyone’s attention.

23. A pair of red formal earrings to add some exceptional shine to your outfit


Cannot get over these formal red earrings. They are just drop-dead gorgeous. These earrings have drop style, and their floral pattern is quite the charmer. Wear them at your friend’s wedding. These would also look pretty on bridesmaids paired with flowy gowns.

24. A pair of red earrings clip-on to be a trendsetter

Ever wanted to wear earrings that would make you look glamorous but found large earrings to be very uncomfortable for more prolonged periods? We hear from you! That is why we bring these clip-on earrings that feature embellished chain-tassels and synthetic feathers that will let you be a trendsetter comfortably.

25. A pair of red climber earrings for a fiery look

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, these red climber earrings are going to remind you of Fawkes, the phoenix, that reborn from the ashes. Wear these earrings after a setback to tell you of the fiery strength that you possess.

26. A pair of red knot earrings to bewitch everyone with your lovable energy

Are you guilty of trying to tie a knot in the stem of a cherry with your tongue? Us too! But with these red knot earrings you will fulfill your desire of a cherry knot. These earrings look so juicy and are available in 3 colors. Wear them for a chill day at university and look endearing.


Add brightness to your life by getting some of these absolutely gorgeous earrings. Red is the color of love and courage. That is what makes the color so symbolic. These beautiful earrings will let you express your lovable charm and strength through your accessory.

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