+15 Gorgeous Ruby and Emerald Earrings to wear for the next event

Of all the many gemstones out there, Diamonds are undeniably a girl’s best friend. However, if you want to look and feel like royalty, and invest at the same time, then there are far better options than Diamonds. For instance, Ruby and Emerald Earrings are stunning options.

With its striking color, elegance, and value, these types of gemstones are what most Royal families prefer to invest in, even in the past centuries.

Referred by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as the royal gemstones. Wearing one does not just show off your status fashionably out loud, you’ll be delighted to know that both gemstones are perfectly compatible.

Important Factors of Ruby and Emerald Jewelleries

When buying a piece of jewelry, there are far more factors to consider than just its physical attributes of beauty and design. You need to consider things such as color, clarity, carat weight, inclusions, enhancement, and cut. whether you want to buy your lovely lady a beautiful Ruby and Emerald earrings, or you simply want to invest in the right gemstones, these important factors work magic to end up with the perfect choice of jewelry!

The Colors of Ruby and Emerald

When it comes to Ruby gemstone, color is overly important. Though its material composition of Corundum is the same as that of a Sapphire, the red ones are uniquely called Ruby. Don’t be surprised to see secondary colors of Ruby such as orange, purple and pink. 

It is important to note that the more visibly purplish or orangy the gemstone is, the less value it comes with. When looking for a valuable Ruby, make sure to get one that exudes a pigeon blood shade of red. The more vivid its color is, the more pricey it becomes. 

Green Emerald, on the other hand, is comprised of a mineral called Beryl, this gemstone comes in the shade of green. Emerald appeals to most royalties and the value is definitely suited if you are looking to invest. 

The more intense your Emerald color is the higher its value in the market. Make sure to look for a stronger shade of green Emerald that at the same time exudes moderate darkness. 

The Carat Weight of the Royal Gemstones

Carat directly corresponds to the weight of a certain gemstone. A constant figure to note is that 1 carat equates to 0.2 grams unit of weight. Therefore you can safely assume that the bigger your Ruby or Emerald earrings are, the more pricey it becomes. For the Emerald stone, the bigger sizes are definitely hard to find which makes its rarity very expensive.

The same goes for the Ruby jewelry. The bigger it is, the pricier it gets, and it’s because of the supply and demand law. You must also consider that once your earrings reached one carat, the price tag jumps higher and continues to do so once it reaches three carats and five carats.

Can Royal Gemstones Be Worn Together? 

When it comes to compatibility, Ruby and Emerald have the same characteristics. These gemstones are the usual pick of the royal families. In terms of the value, both are equal too. These two bagged the spots for the most precious and top gems in the market. 

Astrologically, these stones are compatible and are said to share a friendly bond. The Emerald stone is associated with planet Mercury while Ruby is linked to the planet Sun. Therefore, wearing these Royal Gemstones together brings you a life of luxury and great fortune. Therefore yes, these can be worn together. 

How Valuable Are Ruby and Emerald Gems? 

When it comes to value, there are only three gemstones that are considered as precious and these are the Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire while the rest are semi-precious. These top gemstones are quite valuable for its price can be very expensive per carat than that of a diamond. These gems command respect when it comes to market value and it is why even luxurious and top brand watches and other jewelers use these gemstones, namely Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels as well as Backes & Strauss. 

Interesting Designs of Ruby and Emerald Earrings

Spiraling Ruby and Emerald Ear Studs – Featuring the dramatic spiraling of ruby gemstones outward while at the center is a set of emerald paisley. 

Julieete Wooten’s Ruby and Emerald Designed Earrings – Comprised of Ruby, Emerald, and Diamonds in a yellow gold dangle style earrings.

Ruby and Emerald flowery Cut Design – Featuring a large-sized Ruby at the center, surrounded by small elegant diamonds and green Emerald petals. Alive and quite vibrant design. 

Ruby and Emerald Bling Style Earrings – Sporting a loud design, attention-grabbing and fashionable. 

Cherry Style Ruby and Emerald Stud Earrings – Featuring a cherry design with 2 small Ruby gemstones and green Emerald leaf. 

Chandelier Style Ruby and Emerald Studded Earrings – Showcasing an extra length, using stainless material ear posts and comes with Ruby, Emerald, and Pearls. 

Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby Diamond – Featuring a set of Royal gemstones that are intricately held by a white gold cluster. 

Yellow gold, ruby and Emerald Earrings – With a hint of expensive Diamonds crafted beautifully by BVLGARI.

Emerald and Ruby In Zoisite Earrings – Crafted to perfection by Bahina that comes in 18 Karat gold, while it features a drop design suspending from a vibrant and beautiful emerald post.

Rajasthan Earrings – Melon cut with a sprinkle of Emerald and Sapphire beads. Ruby gemstones are carved along with Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamonds by the world-class Cartier.

Ruby and Emerald 2 in 1 Versatile Earring – Designed by Anna Skiba sporting a white gold metal and stones of Ruby, Emerald, and Diamonds in a pear and brilliant cut.

Vintage Gripoix Earclips – Featuring a drop style ear clips in Ruby and Emerald gemstones and Diamond too.

White Gold Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald Post Stud Earrings – 14K white gold stud, with Swarovski crystals, nickel-free, and high quality.

Genuine Flower Stud Ruby and Emerald Earrings – 14 Karat Yellow Gold earrings perfect gift on a special occasion.

Ruby and Emerald Enamel ear Pendant – Emerald beaded earrings with a ruby bead that serves as a spacer.

Bina Goenka Ruby and Emerald Earrings – Artistically crafted in a shape of a flower, an 18k gold earrings for your loved one.

Top Celebrities Wearing Ruby and Emerald Earrings

Sofia Vergara – Looking truly glamorous and sophisticated with her choice of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald gemstone earrings. The style features the popular drop earrings and she also paired it with Diamond and Emerald rings worn securely on her hands. She stood out among other guests in the red carpet by pairing her earrings with a red shaded dress in a very low v-cut top. 

Queen Elizabeth II – Her Royal highness Queen Elizabeth II received a lot of jewelry and tiaras, passed on from one generation to another. In the photo, she is wearing a beautiful Burmese Ruby Tiara and paired with stunning Ruby earrings with pieces of Diamonds surrounding it. 

Angelina Jolie – In 2009, Angelina wore a teardrop Emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz which was oversized, really looking elegant and expensive. Angelina also wore the same Emerald earrings in different events such as the New York Film Critics Awards and the Producers Guild Awards. 

Zoe Kravitz – In 2018, Zoe attended the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at Beverly Hills California where she wore a large Emerald pair of earrings. The jewelry statement made her look sophisticated and high class. 

The Valuable Colors of Ruby and Emerald Earrings

Aside from its design, you have to consider the GIA grades of the gemstones. For Ruby, know that the color of the gemstone is very important and its hue, tone, and saturation plays a big factor in its GIA grades. The Ruby Hue should always be dominant red. Its tone must also be considered, with 0 being the lowest grade and 10 as the highest. The darker it is the better. 

Its saturation otherwise known as its color intensity is very important too from a scale of 1 to 6. The darker it is the higher its scale and comes as valuable in terms of the market price. For the Emerald gemstone, hues range from the colors of blue-green to yellow-green but of course, with its primary hue of vivid green. So make sure to check the colors of the gemstones well before purchasing your Ruby and Emerald Earrings. 

The Popular Cuts of Emerald and Ruby

Whether it be for earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, both Ruby and Emerald gemstones are usually cut in its most popular shape. The Rounded cut because it comes with enhanced refractive quality and sparkles even better. The Emerald cut is the most popular, the Cushion cut, Oval, Pear, Princess, and Marquise.

As for the Ruby, the same cuts are popular with the added shape of Heart. So when looking to own one, make sure to choose one of these popular gemstone cuts. 

Invest and Be Fashionable At The Same Time

In fashion, there are many ways to buy smart items and one of which is by choosing jewelry as part of your fashion statement as well as investment. The Ruby and Emerald earrings are great investments for both gemstones have high market value. 

For the Hindus, the Ruby gemstone is the most precious of all stones and is also termed as the Lord of the gemstones. The Emerald gemstone is another great option because of its financial value. Imagine owning both gems in one earring design, it’s not only fashionable but a great investment you won’t regret owning. 

Of course, it’s not an easy task to purchase, and you can’t just rely on the certificates of the gemstones to tell its quality. You also have to use your eyes, and luckily, we all can asses a gemstone’s beauty without exerting too much effort. Both Ruby and Emerald can be assessed on its size, color, clarity, hue, and so on. So hurry now, make sure to purchase this type of gemstone earrings without hesitation. 

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