35+ Tassel Earrings You Need To Look Diva

Tassel earrings have been in style for a long time now. From weddings and events to parties, they have made their way everywhere. The best part about these earrings is that they go with every kind of dress. Whether its a formal wear or a casual day out, you can totally rely on them to make you look classy. If you want to be the center of attention in a room then why not become one? With these earrings, you will surely bag a lot of compliments.

So here is an exclusive look at all the glamorous tassel earrings that we think would be the best for you. Our advice for you would be that you buy them right away and rock a dive look!

1. A pair of silver tassel earrings for an extravagant affair

If you can dare to dream, then dare to shine as well with these dazzling silver earrings. They will surely turn head around and set all the eyes on you. You can wear them at a big event or at a formal party.

2. A pair of gold tassel earrings that give off royal vibes

You know nothing can go wrong with gold ever! Look at these gorgeous gold earrings. They are perfect for you if you like giving off royal vibes.

3. A pair of clip-on tassel earrings to prove that glam can be effortless

These super easy to use clip-on earrings will prove that glamour and style can be as effortless as you can imagine. Wear them on your casual day out with your ladies and they’ll surely ask you where you got them from. Make them super jealous of your effortless clip-on earrings.

4. A pair of tassel hoop earrings you need to look trendy

Do you love hoops? We all do! They are super cool and can make anyone look trendy within a second. So bring about that magic of hoops with these stylish earrings. They feature gold tassels and are perfect to wear on a day out.

5. Leather tassel earrings with so many options that you’d want them all

Channel the wilderness around you with these boho leather earrings. They are available in multiple options that include animal prints and plain ones. No matter which one you decide to pick, they would be perfect for you to wear around. You can also buy them all and gift them to all the special ladies in your life.

6. A pair of long tassel earrings so charming that you will have to buy them

We can bet that you’re absolutely in love with these long earrings! Aren’t you? Well, we don’t blame you. They are so charming that anyone can fall in love with them. So get them today to light up all your formal wears with the perfect go-to accessory.

7. A pair of multicolor tassel earrings for an adorable look

Aren’t you totally smitten by these adorable multicolor earrings? These are perfect in our opinion when you can’t decide one color to go with. Skip choosing monotones with these multicolor beauties. Wear them with a plain shirt to bring out their extra charm.

8. A pair of red tassel earrings to drive passion in you

Red is a color of passion, love, and romance! So for your next special night, wear these gorgeous red earrings to ignite that spark of passion in your appeal. They will surely make you look gorgeous. You can match them with a red outfit or a black one.

9. Small tassel earrings for you to wear everyday at an affordable price

These small earrings come at affordable pricing and in various color options. They are so adorable that you should seriously take them all. The best part is that they can be matched with any outfit. So buy them today for yourself and your girlfriends. They are vibrant and can be worn with any outfit.

10. A pair of black tassel earrings so beautiful that people will tell you they love them

These black earrings are a must addition in your accessory box. Their glamour and spark are so alluring that everyone will tell you that they love them. Wear them at a special event or in a formal party and just wait till it does its magic.

11. A pair of tassel earrings with stone so dainty that you’d feel gorgeous wearing them

Isn’t the color of these earrings just breathtakingly beautiful? We love it and we can bet that so do you! They are so dainty and gorgeous that you should wear them for your next special event. They will give off major style vibes to all the ladies around you.

12. A pair of turquoise tassel earrings that will create a perfect ethnic look for you

These turquoise earrings feature classic beads all over them. Their charm is so real and catchy that you’d want to wear them all day and night. So don’t wait up and get your hands on these today.

13. A pair of crystal blue tassel earrings to add glam and sparkle to your outfit

Do you love adding sparkle to your outfit? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These crystal blue earrings will bring out all the missing glam in your outfit. Their sparkle is so eye-catching that all the compliments will be yours.

14. A pair of tassel bead earrings so eye-catching that strangers might stop you to ask where you got them from

If you love beads, these are the earrings for you. They feature small beads to make a long tassel full of them. The most exciting news is that they are available in various colors so you can buy them all and mismatch for a funky look. However, we must warn you that they are so beautifully eye-catching that even strangers won’t stay back from complimenting you.

15. A pair of dangling yellow earrings to bring summer vibes

Summer season is almost upon us and you know what that means; summer wardrobe. An important element of a perfect summer wardrobe includes summer accessories. These dangling yellow earrings would be your perfect crime partner for the season. They are so cool that you would want to wear them all day long.

16. A pair of orange tassel earrings so chic that they are a style statement on their own

These orange earrings are so trendy that seriously nothing can ever go wrong with them. They would look uber cool matched with a plain white shirt. Give your friends some major fashion statement with these cool set of earrings featuring a geometric shape.

17. A pair of hot pink tassel earrings so charming that they will attract everyone towards you

Hot pink is a color that is tested to turn heads around. Whether you’re walking on the street or strolling in a party, these hot pink earrings are sure to turn heads around. They feature a rhinestone bead cap at the top which highlights its color even more.

18. A pair of purple tassel earrings that will make you look trendy with minimum effort

Who doesn’t love the color of royalty here? We’re all crazy purple fans and these cute purple earrings just gave us another reason to be a purple fan. They are so adorable that you can pull them effortlessly with any outfit. Our style guide is that you wear them with a nice pair of jeans and a cool t-shirt to add that X-factor.

19. A pair of rainbow tassel earrings to spread colors of joy around

Rainbows always bring joy and hope to one’s mind. It is the ethereal effect that gives you relief after a hazy day. These wonderful rainbow earrings do just that! Wear them to spread sparkle and color all around.

20. Statement tassel earrings in different colors that will inspire you to have a photoshoot wearing them

The urge to have a spontaneous photoshoot is very much real. We know that you can’t help but click a nice selfie when you’re wearing a super stylish ensemble. These statement tassel earrings will cast the same effect on you. They are available in many different color options which means more shoot days.

21. A pair of metallic tassel earrings that the most daring and boldest women will wear

These metallic tassel earrings are worth a little dip in your pockets because of how gorgeous they are! You can gift them to another friend for a special occasion or wear yourself. They would look fantastic!

22. A pair of long black tassel earrings worth the splurge because they are so perfect

If you have a special event coming up, buy these gorgeous long back earrings right away. Wear and flaunt them people around. They feature a rhinestone bead on top to make it more alluring.

23. A pair of burgundy tassel earrings for a free spirited look

Wearing earring had never been fancier! Channel your inner freedom through this burgundy tassel earring. It features a beautiful burgundy color feather with golden layers of metal tassels around it, giving it a complete royal look.

24. A pair of knot tassel earrings to bring out your traditional side

These knot earrings will craft out a traditional look in your attire. They are bohemian and bohemian culture is known for its crafty art which is visible in the knot. Wear them on a traditional event and slay!

25. A pair of tassel drop earrings that should be a must-add in your collection

Don’t these drop earrings look precious? They are so beautiful that once you wear them, you would not want to take them off. They go well with any formal outfit. Even when you will wear them with a casual dress, they will amp up its glam.

26. A pair of extra-long tassel earrings that will give you an edgy look you love

These 31cm long earrings are made to carry an edgy look. Their beautiful gold color adds on to the charm and allure that they have. Wear them to become the center of attention at any party.

27. A pair of oversized tassel earrings that will give major style notes to everyone

These fancy oversized earrings are a girl’s dream come true. Their sparkle is everything that women wish for and their charm will turn all heads around at any event. They feature minute crystals in the tassels that give off a really expensive and lush look.

28. A pair of tassel heart earrings you’ll love so much that you would want to wear them to bed as well

These heart earrings will create a luxurious look with any outfit that you match it with. They are super delicate and feature crystals inside. You can also gift them to a loved one on their special day.

29. A pair of handmade tassel earrings that will make you fall in love instantly

The true essence of love and craft lies in a handmade item. They are always made with such care and diligence that it makes you fall in love with them the moment you set your eyes on them. These handmade knot tassel earrings are not only beautiful but also handmade. So get them today before someone else does.

30. A pair of chain tassel earrings so glamorous yet simple that you would wish for only you to have them

Turn on your style game with these bling chain earrings. They have a metallic touch to it and each metal color is better than the previous one. So buy them all and keep them before someone else does. We know you want to!

31. A pair of insect tassel earrings so unique and beautiful that people will bug over them

Tie your hair or leave them curls open; it doesn’t matter. Because when you wear these unique and trendy insect earrings, they will be the highlight of your look.

32. A pair of bow tassel earrings so adorable that you will go gaga over them

These bow earrings are so lightweight that you won’t even feel them wearing unless someone tells you how beautiful they look.

33. A pair of flower tassel earrings to create a sassy yet adorable look

With the arrival of spring, its time to freshen up your accessory game. These flower earrings are available in many color options. Buy one or buy them all; they will help you get that adorable, cute and sassy look you’ve been hoping to achieve.

34. A pair of moon tassel earrings so delicate that you will go over the moon for them

Is there anyone here who would say no to glitter and glam in their accessory? We all love to shine from time to time and these delicately enticing pair of moon earrings are all the more reason to go bling!

35. A pair of star tassel earrings that are perfect for everyday style

Wow! Would you look at this absolute piece of beauty? These star earrings are so full of glam that you can wear them every day. Style yourself in a t-shirt and jeans. Wear these star-studded earrings to bring out your inner shine.

36. A pair of grey tassel earrings so profoundly attractive that you will love it for life

Whoever says grey is boring probably hasn’t seen these grey earrings. They are so ravishing that they can put up a smile on anyone’s face. You can wear them with formal wear or add them to make your casual wear more lovely.

37. A pair of pearl tassel earring that defines grace and elegance

Get yourself a pair of these exquisite pearl earrings. Both adults and young teenagers can wear them. Match them with any outfit to enhance its grace and you will see its magic yourself.


All in all, tassel earrings are the new fashion statement and they are here to stay. This list has all the best products that are as pretty as the picture, perhaps even prettier. So don’t stay there sitting. Order yourself some of these beauties right away.

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